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Princeton CS Hiring Multiple Teaching-Track Positions

The Princeton University Computer Science Department invites exceptional individuals who share our strong commitment to undergraduate education to join our teaching faculty. The department is world renowned for its unique combination of excellent scholarship and exemplary undergraduate education.

The teaching load for teaching faculty is typically one course per semester plus independent work advising, leaving time to pursue other activities, such as engaging in research, developing outreach programs, and innovating across our curriculum. In addition, Princeton has recently introduced new career-oriented teaching-stream faculty ranks.

Job Summary

Our teaching faculty position offers various exciting opportunities, such as working with a team to teach and lead our large introductory CS courses, teaching upper-level courses, advising undergraduate research, developing curricular materials, building outreach programs for under-represented groups, and developing EdTech software. The position features many compelling elements:

Computer Science Department

It’s a very exciting and pivotal time at Princeton, as we are experiencing unprecedented growth and interest in CS courses at all levels. For example, computer science is not only the most popular major at Princeton but also the most popular minor and the department with the most enrollments. Moreover, the highest levels of the administration recognize computer science as central to both its research and teaching mission. Through a generous gift from Eric and Wendy Schmidt, Princeton is establishing a “majestic” new home for the computer science department in the center of campus.

The department is committed to broadening participation in computer science and maintaining an inclusive learning environment. Even as the absolute number of students has skyrocketed in the past decade, our percentage of women majors has increased to approximately 40% women.

Life in Princeton

Princeton, NJ is one of the country’s most historic communities and a wonderful place to live. Situated midway between Philadelphia and New York City, Princeton provides a charming and walking-friendly small town with easy access to neighboring cities. In 2022, Niche Magazine rated the Princeton Public Schools as one of the top public school districts in NJ and included Princeton on its list of the best places to live in America.


We are continuing to review applications on a rolling basis for Fall 2023 appointments. To apply, please follow the instructions at https://www.princeton.edu/acad-positions/position/27501

In your teaching statement, please describe your teaching experience and methodology, including courses taught and your roles in teaching them, mentoring of students, advising of projects, and participation in programs that promote diversity in computer science. We encourage you to provide supporting documentation in an appendix (such as samples of teaching materials, teaching evaluations, and links to course websites, videos of teaching classes, etc.).