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Installing Visual X-TOY

There are two possible downloads.
  OS X Application

Click the icon to download Visual X-TOY.dmg; double click Visual X-TOY.dmg to mount the disk image; drag-and-drop Visual X-TOY.app to your Applications folder.

  JAR Application

Click the icon to download toy.jar; launch the JAR file by typing "java -jar toy.jar" at the command line. You will need a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) which conforms to the Java 1.6 (or newer) specification.

Q & A

Q. Sometimes 'Reset' clears stdin, and sometimes it doesn't. How does Visual X-TOY decide when to clear stdin and when not to?
A. Editing stdin in 'Edit Mode' changes the state to which stdin resets, whereas editing stdin in any other mode only changes the current state of stdin.

Q. When I open up files, sometimes Visual X-TOY opens a new window, and sometimes it reuses the current window. How does Visual X-TOY decide when to reuse the current window?
A. Whenever you open several files at once, Visual X-TOY always opens new windows. However, when opening a single file, Visual X-TOY will reuse the current window if and only if the file has not been changed since it was last saved.


Source Code
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